Posted on 18 Jan 15:38

 A women's shoe store is the perfect business for partners Cheryl CoKo Clemons and Tamiya Davis , especially being that they both love purchasing shoes.  C & T SHOE BAR will be entering their  first year of bringing fashionable shoes to Hampton Roads Virginia as well as the World Wide Web. The selection will range from the basics of comfortable flats and sandals to the trendy style of stiletto shoes and boots.

Cheryl Clemons  is a well known American gospel and R&B singer, and lead singer of Platinum and Grammy nominated R&B group Sisters With Voices (SWV).   She is known for makeup, clothing, handbags, accessories and never the less shoes. As a celebrity you are known to be an image and representation to your fans and colleagues with your fashion and style. Coko has a world of people that knows her as a woman of fashion. To commemorate her tremendous success and huge contribution to the musical world she is now ready to add a boutique of women shoes.

 Tamiya Davis  is a woman that works a blue collar job as a International Longshoreman with much substance and style. Making a living wearing steel toes, safety vest and hard hats everyday shes still a girly girl. The owner of the fashion jewelry line YNOT AUTUMN worn by women all over the world. Including celebrities such as SWV, Fantasia, Chante Moore, Lil Mo, Michelle' and CoKo herself. Ynot Autumn biggest achievement has been proving fashion jewelry for SWV 2013 Grammy night and their reality show with WE-TV. Fashion jewelry is universally loved by women because it is a way for them to express themselves creatively.  With the name of her son Tony spelled backwards and her niece Autumn she made something so simple shine so beautifully.

 With our busy lives, we just buy what we think will look nice and is affordable.